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Advanced Dialysis Nephrologist Application Network (ADNAN) System

ADNAN System

Executive Summary

Advanced Dialysis Nephrologist Application Network (ADNAN) System is an integrated clinical monitoring system for hemodialysis patients and paramedics on their day-to-day activities, inclusive during disaster. This system is research product jointly produced by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and Chronic Kidney Disease Resource Center (CKDRC) School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia funded by Ministry of Higher Education which is licenses to Micro Semiconductor Sdn Bhd fot commercialization.

ADNAN System complies with standard operation prosedure for hemodialysis services. The system uses advanced ViTal technology in supporting the operational system activities especially during disaster. ADNAN registered patients will be equipped with indentification NFC technology wristband and medical card. This technology supports ADNAN system and independent to the internet connection, uniquely providing advanced online-offline data synchronization with sophisticated security system and data auto-backup.

Information data access will be readily available for individually registered ADNAN system patients and tracking of these patients will be very easy. ADNAN system also provide the advanced reporting tool, statistical analysis, real-time dashboard. It is tremendously useful for monitoring patient progress and any related intradialytic complications.


Patient's Data Profile

  • Management of patients and heir's information
  • Patient's medical background
  • Sponsorships and references

Haemodialysis Schedule and Needs

  • Management of patient's haemodialysis treatment schedule in normal and emergency condition
  • Information of patient's infection and needs
  • Patient's treatment status

Doctor and Nephro Experts

  • Appointment process of doctors and nephro experts
  • Trip appointment to haemodialysis centre
  • Review of each patient's dialysis record

Patient's Haemodialysis Medication

  • Treatment record of patient and medicine
  • Treatment record of haemodialysis routine
  • Emergency notification during treatment 

Clinical and Biochemical Information

  • Records the clinical and biochemical information on the blood test
  • Standardize the lab information data

Generates the Patient's Report

  • Manage the patient's profile report
  • Patient's treatment report
  • Clinical and biochemical test report

Management of Haemodialysis Centres

  • Creating the organizations
  • Developing haemodialysis centres network organizations
  • Monitoring current status of haemodialysis centre's staffs and patients

Management of Vendor and Inventory

  • Manages the stock booking from vendors
  • Registers the in and out movement of storage goods
  • Generates the statistic of the material usage

Financial Management

  • Manage the financial flows of the haemodialysis centre operations
  • Generate the financial reports
  • Hemodialysis Standard Operation Procedure Compliance.
  • Hemodialysis Center Information, Medical Staff Information and Visiting Schedule.
  • Patient Clinical and Information, Dialysis Record and Treatment Schedule.
  • Reporting, Access Log, Statistical Analysis Dashboard.
  • On Device Access System and Automated Data Synchronization Patient NFC Wristband and Medical Card Tagging Facilities, And Attendance.
  • Online-Offline System and Data Access.
  • Easy Access Inventory and Financial Data.
  • Vendor Management.
  • Financial Management.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Improve Medical Care and Quality of Services
  • Increase Staff Efficiency.
  • Global Access and Paperless Medical Record.
  • Enable Patient Data Sharing and Exchange.
  • Support Dynamic Reporting for Effective Patient and Center Review.
  • Improve Hemodialysis Center Management Capability.