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IoT Development

In year 2014 until recent, we run a joint project with UTM researchers on the development of hardware, middleware, and application for a unique online to offline (O2O) IoT devices and hybrid Cloud solution that improves system and data connectivity.

The research explores the potential of technology that concerns of bandwidth identification, data synchronization, peer connection, and blockchain, load balancing as well as the data safety and privacy on hybrid cloud infrastructure. It was initially meant for haemodialysis patient rescue due to the flood disaster in Kelantan state in the year 2014 where the online system and IoT devices which fully depending on internet connectivity for rescue operations face accessibility problem that causes a serious problem of system access and data losses.

Later the technology has been identified to be useful for a wide range of applications that can benefit users to setup ad-hoc IoT services, enhancing the offline experience, offloading cloud service to increase performance, providing local IoT and cloud platform for training purposes and limiting the access parameter for enhancing security and privacy. Combining such innovation as the Internet of Things with industry expertise helps our clients' companies increase business value and consumer impact.

IoT Development Services 

  • Mobile & desktop IoT application development
  • Web-based IoT application development
  • 3rd party services integration
  • Custom hardware support Blockchain technology, ad-hoc services, and offloading cloud service